Private Policy

Your protection is truly paramount to us. Subsequently, we have improved this Policy

in place for you to comprehend how we gather, utilize, impart and make utilize

of private info. The emulating diagrams our Privacy Policy.

When gaining entrance to our Website, MageLeveling Spec will pick up certain info about

you the same time as your visit.

Comparative to alternate business Web locales, our Web destination uses a standard innovation

called “treats” (see illustration underneath, “What Are Cookies?”)

and then Web server logs to gather info about how our Web locale is utilized. Info

assembled through treats and Web server logs might combine the date and time of

visits, the pages saw, time spent at our Web post, and the Web posts visited

actually before and actually when our Web destination, your IP location.

What Are Cookies?

A treat is a particularly minor message record, which regularly combines a unknown exceptional

identifier. When you visit a Web locale, that destination’s machine asks your PC

for freedom to archive this document in a part of your hard drive explicitly

designated for treats. Each and every Web destination can send its particular treat to your browser

since your browser’s inclination permit it, but (to secure your security) your browser

just allows a Web destination to gain entrance to the treats it has at present sent to you, not

the treats sent to you by different posts.

IP Addresses

IP locations are utilized by your PC unfailingly you are associated to the

Web. Your IP address

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