Arcane Mage Leveling Spec (MoP 5.4)

This is the most optimal Arcane Leveling Spec for 5.4If you have any questions or suggestions on the build, please let me know.

Note: If you’re looking for a easy way to learn your rotation
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Level 15 – Presence of Mind
Ice floes was pretty handy to have, but I found this to be the best tier 1 spell while playing the beta. It’s a pretty short cooldown considering how much damage you can do with it.


Level 30 – Ice Barrier
This is really great for those annoying ranged enemies that won’t let you get your casts off. It also absorbs a decent amount of damage when you’re doing any AoE.


Level 45 – Frostjaw
It’s a real toss up between this and Ring of Frost, but since we already have the Ice Barrier we don’t need the defense, and our AoE isn’t strong enough to justify having Ring of Frost to slow them down.


Level 60 – Cold Snap
We need all of the defense we can as Arcane Mages, and Cold Snap provides a ton. Not only that it also heals you for quite a bit.


Level 75 – Nether Tempest
This will help you out on your ranged AoE. I think most Mages don’t like running around using Arcane Explosion all the time.


Level 90 – Incanter’s Ward
I found the shield really nice when doing the last of my Mists questing zones, but it’s really all up to you on this one. Now that you’re 90, you should just pick what fits you best.


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